Creating Appointments

7.4.1. Creating new appointments

How to create a new appointment:

  1. In the folder view, open a calendar for which you have the permission to create objects.

  2. Select New appointment from the toolbar.

    If selecting a shared calendar, you are asked where to create the appointment:

    • If you create the appointment on behalf of the owner, the appointment is created in the owner's shared calendar.

    • If you invite the owner to the appointment, the appointment is saved in your calendar.

  3. Enter a subject.

  4. To set an appointment's start and end time, use the following options below Start date and Ends on.

    • Click on a date. Enter a date or select a date in the date picker.

      For all day appointments, activate All day.

    • Click on a time. Enter the time or select a time from the list.

    • You can set the timezone for the start or end time by clicking on the timezone button next to a time. You can set different timezones for the start and end time.

  5. You can enter a location and a description.

    If you want to create the appointment in another calendar, click on the calendar name below Calendar. Select a calendar.

  6. Click on Create.


Example: How can I organize another person's appointments as a deputy?

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